Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My iPod Shuffle was on the fritz this morning so I was forced to listen to my own gasps. It wasn't so bad. I chose to leave the watch home so I have no idea how fast I ran. Honestly, the distance doesn't matter much either right now. I'm learning to run all over again and want to simply love it for what it is. The real journey has yet to begin. For now, the trip and destination are immaterial.

I will start a formal marathon training plan in a week or so. For the moment, I'm having spontaneity for breakfast and washing it all down with a glass of enjoyment.

See that full moon this morning?


ShoreTurtle said...

Spontaneity and enjoyment are the not just for breakfast anymore!

I like listening to my gasps. Running sans iPod helps me pay attention to my breathing and rhythm--then I can make changes if I need to.

At the end of a race, it is always just mad gasps for air, but I like to think that early on the steady breathing in rhythm to my steps helps.

Mama S said...

Full moon's tomorrow, isn't it? ;)

movin' down the road said...

I am totally laughing. Mine lost power a few weeks ago and I was like "this stinks, no music"...weird what we get used to! But I noticed alot more things around me! We have a big almost full moon, ah yes.

Brad Braden said...

Didn't catch the moon this morning but it was out in full force again this evening wasn't it..

that time of year to get ready for the cool runs.


Backofpack said...

Full moon? It's obvious you live in another part of the world. Here in wet, wet WA we have a huge cloud cover and a deluge of rain. It has been raining steadily, without a break for at least 19 hours. Rivers are cresting, flood warnings abound, and no moon in sight...

Running for the joy of it - that's back to basics and exactly right.

Nikemom said...

I can't stand to listen to myself 'heavy breathe' so I have to have that iPod. :) Dang it anyways.

Ginger Breadman said...

The moon has been beautiful lately when you catch it peeking from being the clouds.

It's good to hit reset without the watch sometimes. It helps you remember for yourself why you're out there and why it's important.

Marlene said...

Charlie (shoreturtle) recommended your blog. I'm really looking forward to the Bluenose, although I hear it is a tough course? The change of scenery will be a nice distraction...hopefully.

I've never been to NS - what are the must-sees while we are there?

Keep enjoying that spontaneity! I'm enjoying the freedom right now as well and starting up training in a couple weeks.

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