Thursday, November 13, 2008

Real Guitar Heroes

Kids are full of surprises aren't they? If you haven't heard, my two oldest boys play a lot of music together. They continue to perform as an acoustic folk duo (fiddle, guitar, whistles, mandolin, drums, etc) but have recently been stretching their wings a bit. Chris is 13. He plays in the high school jazz band. Jon, at age 11, is a fiddle prodigy but he will play any instrument you set before him. I mean...anything. The boys pooled their loot and bought a burly black electric bass. It's a new Ibanez 5 String BTB305FM with Bartolini pickups. Big fat sound. Yup, you guessed right. They both play it well.

In this smudgy little clip, their buddy Jake takes the new bass for a spin. Jake is a decent player - he has his own bass. Jon fills out the rhythm on drums while chewing a halloween sucker. Chris is playing lead. Remember the Scorpions?


Cape Cod Memories said...

Thank you for your comment today!

Two of my boys play guitar, too. Music is in their genes I suppose, because their dad (my hubby) is a drummer. =) My fingers are crossed they'll start a family band some day.

justrun said...

I say this in the most kid-appropriate way possible: holy crap! They are great!

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