Friday, November 14, 2008

More Than Just Time

My old Timex Ironman Chrono is about done.  I’ve changed the battery 3 times.  I’m ready to buy another new strap.  The ‘Indiglo’ feature died a couple of years ago.  It’s just old and tired.   I would love to collect a bit more info about my runs.  I see the value.

So, I’m considering a couple of options.  I thought the Nike+ Sport Band might be fun.  I'm not so interested in the iPod Nano+ thing but could live with the shoe pod.  I've read the odd review of how inaccurate they can be.  The deeper I dig the more I fix on a Garmin Forerunner.  The 405 is so sweet and versatile.  It’s looking pretty sexy here in green – heck, the darn thing even tells time!  For a dude who likes tech it may be too complicated.  I'm not so sure. I would like to hear from you if you use the Nike+ system, Garmin, Polar or whatever.  Post a comment or email robbcusack (at)

Have a good weekend.


Nikemom said...

go for the garmin305. you won't regret it! :D

Marlene said...

GARMIN ALL THE WAY! I would LOVE to have a 405, but for now my 205 is still kicking.

I have the Sportband just for fun, but it's not very accurate no matter how many times I've calibrated that sucker. Also, you can't see the display in the dark AT ALL. No backlight and the digits are not lit up. Boo!

Brad Braden said...

I have not had good luck with my last two Timex watches. :(

I have heard nothing but good about the garmin. You might want to keep an eye on kijiji they pop up there every once in awhile.

have a good weekend.

craig said...

My Timex Ironman disappeared during the summer. I thought it probably fell into the same black hole into which Pamela’s cell phone ended up in. But her phone reappeared a few weeks ago. My watch has not.

The Garmin is appealing but the model with the heart rate monitor is $350. I’m pretty sure that I’m not at a level where I need that much information. But you get everything in one package. Speed and distance, heart rate, and a host of other stuff.

I’ve located a good heart rate monitor seems to be around $100. And from what I can tell a watch that measures speed and distance with a foot pod runs about the same.

So I can’t decide which is more important. Tracking heart rate or knowing speed and distance.

Or perhaps what I need is just a basic watch with a stopwatch function. Which would be substantially cheaper.

I'll be interested in how others respond.

Sonia said...

the 405 is my dream toy!! Finish to look super geeky with my 205! LOL I say go for the gps, a lot more precise. The nike thing is always mixing up distances. You deserve it =)

Anonymous said...

Garmin, for sure...

Although, when it is a fun run / non stress run, Timex Ironman Triathlon always pulls through!


RunnerMom said...

I love, love, LOVE my Garmin Forerunner 205(except for the decidedly unsexy bulky size).

They are pretty cheap now that the sleeker 205s are out.

Darrell said...

We had the same watch. When mine finally died this summer after 4 years, a couple of batteries and a new strap. I finally just replace it with a brand new one. I just felt like I couldn't go wrong with a $35 investment.

A friend is about to by some sort of GPS for her hubby. I will be interested to see the feedback you get.

Alexandra said...

I hate parting with old time favourites! I have had my ironman timex flix for seven years now, replacing the battery once and it still works like a charm!

Happy hunting for your new toy!

Girl on Top said...

Would love to hear the reviews too!

X-Country2 said...

Yeah, that is one sexy watch. I have the pink Polar heart monitor that I wear. I know for a fact that I'm not nearly smart enough to make use of the distance, split, pace business. My heart monitor watch shows me total time, calories burned, and is totally adorable just worn alone.

That's probably not all that helpful is it?

Blyfinn said...

I have a Garmin 205 and I love it! I don't know how I ran without it before. The 405 looks great but I will have to wait until my 205 dies to justify to my wife that I can buy one.

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