Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'm going to finish out another week of running to and from work. I can definitely feel a difference over last week - an improvement. I'm stronger, more fluid and more confident. Some cool stuff is happening - one of the guys at work shakes my hand every morning when I arrive. He tells me that I'm inspiring him to run again. There's nothing much better than being a positive inspiration. So, I feel great for all kinds of reasons.

It has been tougher this week in some respects. It's been hot and humid on the south shore of Nova Scotia. By hot, I mean 30 C or 86 F. It doesn't often get much hotter than that in these parts. It also poured buckets the other caused me to laugh a few times - not that there's anything particularly funny about running in a downpour.

I've got a busy weekend - the kids play The Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival twice tomorrow (Friday) with "Slow Cooking Cover" and as the Cusack Boys. Saturday, we're off to V's annual family reunion in New Brunswick. Wow. Lots of driving and fun. I'll sprinkle in a few photos when we're back.

Take care.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Say Say Say

Local gals nail it.

Life is good here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Turn Of Events

Running Miles This Week: 30.

Huh? Robb is running?'s true.

There has been a shift to be sure. I've quit whining and started running to and from work. It's about 5K each way so that gives me 50K for the week or 30 miles.

My legs feel the worst. I thought my breathing would suffer but it's my legs that trouble me most - primarily the quads that area stiff. They mainly bother me on the stairs.

This is part of a personal challenge - a deal I've made with myself to run to work 30days in a row and it's worked out pretty well. There's a shower at the office and I keep some clothes there. What more does a guy need?

Frankly, I've been pretty low about not running and it feels good to commit to this and get back out there. Cool and wet this week. It's raining right now and 62 F or 16 C. Perfect running weather.

I'm back baby. I'm back.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Running miles this week: 0. I have put in a few miles on the beach this week - draggy, introspective miles on the beach. There's no easy way to tell you this. Truth is, Nova Scotia has more coastline than California and the really cool thing is, nobody lives here. Well, they live here but you don't trip over them and you never ever pay. It's all free. Drive right on the beach in some places.

Life is real good. Hey, come visit sometime.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Life In Pictures

Running miles this week: 0 miles. Zip...I got nothing going. Maybe next week.

Words are great but today I'll post photos as they sum up a lot of things.

Just a few random shots...there's the picnic table at the LaHave River Yacht Club...the Goldfinch with the red eyeball, Chris and Jon with "Slow Cooking Cover" at the Yacht Club...and Chris and Jon on the Halifax waterfront - later joined by a blues harp player (a walk on...haha). Oh, and there's one of Chris holding the body of his guitar. He's at the sanding stage. Solid cherry - it will sound amazingly rich. He's working on the neck now (mahogany). This is life in Nova Scotia.

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