Friday, July 10, 2009

Life In Pictures

Running miles this week: 0 miles. Zip...I got nothing going. Maybe next week.

Words are great but today I'll post photos as they sum up a lot of things.

Just a few random shots...there's the picnic table at the LaHave River Yacht Club...the Goldfinch with the red eyeball, Chris and Jon with "Slow Cooking Cover" at the Yacht Club...and Chris and Jon on the Halifax waterfront - later joined by a blues harp player (a walk on...haha). Oh, and there's one of Chris holding the body of his guitar. He's at the sanding stage. Solid cherry - it will sound amazingly rich. He's working on the neck now (mahogany). This is life in Nova Scotia.


Marlene said...

Just thought I'd drop by to say HI! It's been a while. Hope you and your family are well. Great photos!

craig said...

Judging from what I see, life is good. You take some seriously great pictures.

Next week. I'm holding you to that.

Darrell said...

You've got a great eye.

The boys are growing up fast.

Brad Braden said...

great photos.



Momma Sunshine said...

Amazing photos, as always. :)

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