Friday, June 26, 2009


Running this week: 0 Miles.

I’ve been too busy to talk about it but I am incredibly blessed. School is finally out and things will hopefully settle down for the summer. The last few weeks have been a blur and a rush all at once.

Chris was exempt from writing all of his Grade 8 exams again this year. Hallelujah! He made the Honour Role again too. Jonathan will enter Jr. High. He graduated from Grade 6 with a couple of nice awards including a Music Participation honour and a plaque from the Hone & School Association. Probably for being a nice kid – which he is. So, I’m proud of my boys for finishing well. It’s been long school year and we’re all pretty happy to have a break.

Did I say ‘break’. Life ramps up in summer around here. A couple months of warm weather means we maximize every waking moment. Chris and Jon have several music gigs lined up. Some sweet gigs that pay exceptionally well. This weekend, they play 3 or 4 times. I forget. We have a master calendar on the fridge at home and I really should keep up with it. I have a tough time keeping up with most everything it seems. I’m not complaining. That’s just my confession.

RunningWife and the other two kids, Sam and Ben are super. They’re growing up.

Hey, here’s a photo of the RunningWife that blows me away every time I glance at it. We were out for a drive the other night and happened upon an old quiet hillside – a field so full of daisies that I couldn’t help but think of heaven. Here she is. A flower among flowers.


Backofpack said...

It is a beautiful photo of a beautiful woman. I can hear the peace in your written voice - though things may be hectic the tranquility shines through. You are certainly very blessed, and so is your family, to have you. The wonderful children you have has a lot to do with the wonderful parents they have.

Brad Braden said...

Its amazing how much of 'Heaven' is all around us when we take the time to look..

Very happy to hear that the boys are doing well..



Girl on Top said...

Congrats to your kids!

Your wife is beautiful!

Momma Sunshine said...

Such an absolutely BEAUTIFUL photo.

Anne said...

That really is a beautiful photo. And what a great way for the family to end the school year -- with all those accolades to celebrate. Congratulations!!

Darrell said...

Not hard to see why would be blown away but the photo. The whole compostiton is exceptionally beautiful (if I may say so) and so peaceful and tranquil.

Truly blessed you are. I feel blessed just reading snippets of the full story.

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