Friday, November 21, 2008

Fiddles & Dancing Girls

Caught these guys last night in Halifax. So, completely maritime cool. Have a great weekend. Ashley MacIssac, Marc Boudreau, JP Cormier, Allan Dewar and the dancing girls.


Sonia said...

That reminds me a Quebec folk group: 'La bottine souriante'.

Great dancing music, reminds me of Christmas for some reasons!

I heard you guys got lots of snow now. Have a good w/e to =)

Run Mommy said...

I love this kind of music. I have seen Ashley Macissac a few times...Great clip!

Darrell said...

Good stuff for sure.

What happened to the other two girls. You were obviously focused on the musicians. ;-)

Sarah Elaine said...


jeff said...

oh, i LOVE ashley macisaac! thanks for the clip and glad you caught the good show!

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