Monday, November 3, 2008

Former Glory

I know better than to want to be the runner that I used to be. I can’t go back there as the road lies ahead and not behind. The old miles offer fresh hope and so I begin again.

I remember the easy miles. And, vivid pre-dawn encounters with skunks, racoons, rabbits, deer, porcupines, coyotes, snowplows and log trucks. I can smell the rain coming. I feel the unrelenting sting of a nor’easter. I recognize the collective weight of wet March flakes, slush, and blisters and chaffing and cramps and squirts.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.


Darrell said...

"I know better than to want to be the runner that I used to be."

I guess I need to get a grasp of that concept. Its always tough, and humbling, to compare todays performances to yesterdays.

justrun said...

To just be the runner we are now. What a concept.

Backofpack said...

Ah, what's the point in former glory anyway? Instead, you described the glory of the daily run - the glory of moving across the earth - the glory of dancing in nature. That's the glory worth talking about.

Legs and Wings said...

Darrell, you're bang on and it's my lesson everyday. Sport mirrors daily life. It's especially hard for me. I was constantly measured when I worked on the radio - "You're only as good as your last break" or "you're only as good as your last book" (ratings). Brutally tough standards eh? Words to live by and words to fail by.

Living in the moment and enjoying the process is the mantra of JustRunJustLIveJustBe. I really like that.

BOP: Looking back at where we've been serves to light the way ahead. I remember reading about your first marathon Michelle. You are the stuff of inspiration. I've not thought of running as 'dance' - and "the glory of moving across the earth". That's refreshing! Thank you.

craig said...

Here's to future glory. I'm back at it as well.

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