Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where I Am

Right in the thick of it - that's where I am! The days seem to be stretching at both ends so I am real happy that spring is coming along. I can hardly wait for the warmer weather to break things up.

I'm working through one of the busiest winters on record and that sure helps to pass the time. The boys have been playing a lot of music with lots more ahead. Last night, a family friend dropped over to share an amazing gift with Chris. Paul C. has been setting aside cherry, sitka spruce, walnut and mahogany for the past couple of years hoping that Chris would want to build a guitar. At 13, he will craft his own acoustic guitar alongside a wonderfully kind man. Paul has built several beautiful instruments and I couldn't be happier today. Such a gift. Here's the two of them with one of Paul's latest guitars.

I mentioned winter didn't I? Here are a few shots from this morning before school. That crazy lady? Victoria.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Good

Sometimes, when I fall particularly far behind. I find it hard to get moving again. That's what has happened. I've fallen and rolled in the pile for a bit but I've taken a bath and am now ready for a fresh start. That's life, and it's good.

Time seems to evaporate right under my nose. I can't explain it only to say that I've come up against this a few times. For goodness sake, my blog url is "making the time". Indeed, time is precious and there is precious little of it. That's life, and it's good.

I must confess to feeling a bit of extra energy on this day. Just concluded an invigorating and memorable meeting with ad agency types at the local pub. Great spot for a meeting - over beer-battered Digby scallops and fries. That's life, and it's good.

At any rate, since I last spent a bit of time here - Sam, my 3rd of 4 sons turned 9 years old. Tomorrow (Saturday), my wife and I celebrate 22 years of marriage. It's a short time and a long time all at once. That's life, and it's good.

Interestingly, TheRunningWife and I have been invited to take part in a roundtable youth event this evening about marriage and
family and relationships. It's one of those things that a person cannot specifically prepare for. In a sense, I suppose I've been preparing for it for 22 + years. That's life, and it's good.

Have a great weekend.
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