Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chance Meeting

ShoreTurtle emailed to say he was heading to Nova Scotia. I tried to persuade him to stay home. I explained that it would be foggy, rainy and that we were still buried hip-deep in snow. He didn’t bite.

Last evening, Victoria and I were so pleased to entertain the ‘Americans’ from New Jersey - ShoreTurtle
and Redhead Fangirl! I probably don’t have to tell you this but you should know: They are super people; fun, thoughtful and altogether loveable. It was a meeting akin to a reunion of old friends.

What’d we do? Well, we met at 6pm at Mahone Bay’s Mug & Anchor Pub with a round of Keiths followed closely by mussels, salad, pan-fried haddock, scallops and the like. It was a lovely warm summer evening for dinner on the 2nd floor patio. The famous “Three Churches”, yachts bobbing in the bay, osprey and black-winged gulls swirling – a Nova Scotia postcard perfect evening with friends.

I knew the fog would be in. Regardless, we piled into the RobbRunner mobile and skirted through Mader’s Cove, Sunnybrook, Prince’s Inlet over to Lunenburg and later Blue Rocks. You couldn’t see your hand for the fog. Oh well.

We wound along through First South, Rose Bay and Kingsburg to Hirtle’s Beach. We actually got out to touch and feel the sand. Too damp and foggy. No fun at all (I warned them…but oh, now, they had to see it for themselves). Reloaded and headed through Riverport, Upper LaHave, Dayspring and into Bridgewater – over to the house for a visit. In came the boys and we fired up the music. Sam on piano, Chris on guitar and Jon on Fiddle (Ben pounding drums).

ShoreTurtle and Redhead Fangirl are my kind of people - typical of the larger running community. I am so glad they could visit with us.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Speed & Endurance

The days go ripping by. I did get one run in this week. I've put my efforts on the back burner and have been letting my kids lead. They are the busy ones.

It will be good to be through with the school year. Chris and Jon have been playing at least 2 gigs a week. It's awesome to see them come alive. Here's something from last night for you. It was the final school variety show and the boys closed out the night with a wicked medley. The second set (encore) is a set they refer to as the 'old jigs'.

It's a dark video, the sound is not as clear as it could be but it serves to provide a peek at something pretty cool.

After the show I confessed to Jonathan that I feared the wheels were going to come flying off...that they worked through that so fast that I thought they might blow up! He said, "dad, I had another gear left". You can keep up with the kids at www.myspace.com/cusackboys Have a great weekend.

Friday, June 6, 2008


It was the Clock Widget. I added that icon when I started this new blog a couple of months ago. The header was “Now Is The Time”…remember that thing? Anyhow, it’s gone now.

As habit, I use Internet Explorer. When I typed in the URL via Safari I could see that my blog did truly exist. Crazy! The Clock Widget, however, was missing so that let me to believe that it could be the source of trouble. I logged into Blogger through Safari, went to “My Layout”, and under “Edit”, deleted the Clock Widget. Deleting it was the fix!

So, all the excitement is over folks. You can go home now, the fire’s out. Thanks for all the email. Special thanks to Jeff. His comment prompted me to look outside the box.

So what else is new? Last weekend, Victoria was a Bridesmaid in Neighbour Sarah’s wedding. It was one of the most beautiful and grand ceremonies that I have ever witnessed, held at Manning Memorial Chapel at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The ceremony was about an hour which felt especially long to my Neil Young-esque sons.The reception was held in The Garden Room (also known as an Orangerie) in the K C Irving Environmental Science Centre. What a beautiful room! Congratulations to Sarah & John.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


This blog, for some reason, seems to have disappeared. This is a test post. I wonder what is going on. Other blogs seem to be available. Maybe I did something to it. Okay, I'm posting this as a test.





Spent the day (not entirely of course. I do have a job.) thinking about this and poking around for an answer. I'm not sure why I can't see my blog. Every computer I check throws up at me suggesting "Address Not Valid" with this link: http:///?up_color=blue&mid=1

I'm sent an email to blogger, read and re-read the forum stuff on such things. Maybe someone flagged my innocent little blog as dangerous and offensive? I am confused.

Anyhow, this has been a weird day. Maybe it will magically re-appear in the morning.

I hope so.

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