Friday, August 22, 2008

Now That I Have A Minute

I’ve been making the time for all sorts of things, , I’ve been so busy. I’m not sure where to begin this update so I’ll start with what’s up, right now. V is away with the boys for a few days so I am left to my own devices. Sometimes, I’m prone to doddle when the ‘supervisor’ is away. Ha. I’ve got a big push on though to finish up the painting project. The house is nearly complete and I will post a few photos upon when I’m done. I’m fussing with the front now; cutting in the trim and working on the storm windows.

Perhaps that’s a new one on you; storm windows. My house is old and still has the original windows with the ‘storms’. I’ve removed the storm windows to paint them and now forget which windows they came off of – dummy me. Last time I painted the house I labelled all the storms so I’d know where they belonged. I’m not getting any smarter. The best part about the old windows in my house? The old leaded glass is so distorted that I don’t need drapes or blinds! Okay, okay. I’m joking…a bit.

Got the wood stove in a few weeks ago. 6 cord of maple to churn through this winter…3 cord piled…another 3 waiting. I hope to not burn much oil at all. It’s just too expensive with the old house – I’m talking ‘thousands…and thousands’.

I’ve loaded a few tunes on the boys’ at Note, I'm too lazy to add a proper link so you'll have to copy and paste to your browser. They recorded a week ago – straight off the floor – some of it in one take. It’s nothing fancy at all. Call it a springboard to help launch other things – gigs, etc. There’s seed money in form of grants, etc available that they can tap into to put a ‘real’ recording together. They’re working on it.

Jon will turn 11 next Saturday, the 30th. He will go to public school this year – Grade 6. Chris will be in Grade 8. It’s amazing how they grow up. Ben will be 6 in November. Sam’s 9th birthday is in February. Sam and Ben will homeschool again. I’m getting a little misty without them around. Can you tell? (Sort of...but not so bad).

Anyhow, I’m still busy as ever with my job. Our company is moving to a new location in a week or so - actually closer to home by about 1 K. There will be a shower in the new place so I hope to run to and from work.

I’ve been biking to work lately and my legs feel like crap. It’s punishing – all uphill to the office – oh, the pain. Of course, it’s downhill all the way home. I was running a little late this morning so I took off with my bagel in hand…pedalling up the road. It’s not easy to eat a bagel and ride a bike at the same time…uphill.

Enough for the moment. I’ll be back. Just so you know, I have a plan to start running again in a few weeks. I will make a comeback.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival

Here's a link to hear the young fiddlers at the Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival. This was posted on our local newspaper's website. You catch a quick glimpse of Chris on mandolin right off the start. He's wearing the fedora.

Jonathan is playing with the fiddlers. Their teachers are leading - Paul on keys and Eilidh on fiddle. This is a cool little summary of the festival. Lots of fog. Here's the vid link: Wooden Boat Festival

Chris and Jon played their own set later in the went very well with lots of fun.

Tonight through Sunday, the kids are warming the crowd as they enter the Main Tent at the Annual Folk Harbour Festival in Lunenburg! It's a last minute gig. Best part is they get passes to all the events and shows...even Victoria gets to go! They are excited.

Meantime, I'm home painting and stacking wood. Some fun eh?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


It was good to get away. Victoria is the youngest of 9 kids and her mom is 86 I think. We travelled to the Moncton area for a quick overnight visit with her family. They are great people, really. With a last name like McPhee, you know there are some characters. Not just one. Some.

Victoria is the first to tell you that the family grew up with few material things. Times were tough and challenging but they pulled through. They love each other.

One of the cool things they did for Florence was a little song called "Coat of Many Colours". It's a Dolly Parton tune as I'm sure you know. At any rate, Florence made dozens of quilts over the years out of scraps of material and the song pretty much fits with their lifestyle in growing up rural south-central New Brunswick, Canada.

In this clip: Susan on the left, Eliz on keys, Vic on mandolin. I love Florence's reaction...especially when she says "Oh my soul"!

Theme was 'Wearing of the Plaids" so that's why everybody is wearing something plaid...otherwise you'd probably think they were koooky (well, you might anyway...and that's fine too). The oldest brother is Ken and he is wearing the kilt. The fabric is 'Nova Scotia tartan'.


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