Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cash & Trips

I never carry cash. I hate the weight of jingly coins in my pocket or carrying a wallet around with me. The only good thing about carrying a wallet is that you know you haven’t lost it. I either carry it in my hand or wear in a front pants pocket. Furthermore, I don’t know how guys can sit in a car and drive with a lumpy wallet stuck in their rear. Most of my friends simply carry a debit card or a credit card in their back pocket and easily whip it out when needed.

Cash is still king though especially in the USA. I’m always reminded of the ‘value’ of cash when I travel in the states. Debit cards are not as widely accepted there as they are in Canada. If you’ve got cash in your pants you can always buy your way out of most any jam…or buy jam, if you need it.

I won’t be taking the yearly pilgrimage to Louisville, KY this fall. The only part of that makes me half sad is that I won’t be able to a little bit of shopping. Clearly, I am no shopper. It’s just that there is so much stuff and it’s always on sale or so it seems.

The drive to Louisville and back from Nova Scotia is never great. Never. It always snows. Here are a couple shots from last year’s miserable adventure:I mentioned to V that I would love to travel to Florida again. I doubt we would have the luxury of an RV this time around but we could take a couple of tents. We could live pretty cheap I bet. V didn’t like the idea of a tent…or two tents for that matter.  This looks better eh?

I'm ready now.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Autumn Blush

My neighbour and I always tie for dead last when it comes to collecting the autumn leaves. We both wait for the bitter howls of November. What's the rush eh?

I have to say that the trees have produced exceptioinaly beautiful colour this year.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reluctant Comeback

After 6 months of non-running I am pleased to be a runner reborn. I am back at it. It was not as hard as I had feared it would be. Right now I have more hope than speed but I'm not worried about PR's at this point. I am delighted, albeit surprised, that it doesn't hurt like I feared it would.

Honestly, the thoughts of sore muscles and long breathless walk breaks (not that there's anything wrong or abnormal about that) had me scared to death. Thus the title of this post. The fear of failure or falling short paralyzed my mind. I really had a hard time getting underway.

I'm back. And it's good.

Fear is the poison that causes me to hesitate and delay. That's a pattern for me. Those of you that know me might think I've fallen down and bumped my head but it's true. I have no regrets but in thinking back over the years I wonder how much more effective I could have been if only I'd not procrastinated. I'm likely the best excuse maker-upper too. Ask V sometime. It's funny really. She is forever calling me out and I get it. It's laughable.

I glanced at my medal from the 2007 Blue Nose Marathon this morning. "I want another one of those", I sighed. So, I'm having some fun and making a not so reluctant comeback. No more whining either. Promise. Ha.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I've been tagged by Sarah and I've been putting it off wondering what the heck to confess for a few days. Brace yourself for six random things about me:

(1) I love to bake. I don't bake near as often as I used to but I do have a secret chocolate chip recipe that I've developed and refined over the years. The kids love my cookies and beg me to bake them. The key to baking perfect cookies is knowing precisely when to pull the pan from the oven. I used to work early morning radio and had the afternoons off to play in the kitchen. While V was at work - and long before we even dreamed of a family, I would ply my craft in the kitchen. I once baked a 10 egg carrot cake. Once.

(2) I've met and hung with Garth Brooks on several occasions. Through various radio gigs I had the fortune or misfortune to meet hundreds of bands, singers, songwriters. One of the strangest gigs was introducing The Blind Boys of Alabama. The promoter for the event escorted me to the 'green room' to meet the boys before the show. He promptly left me there alone with the band. Picture this: 5 blind guys scattered around the room quietly mumbling to themselves. KFC bones and scraps littered the floor. These guys are really blind. I awkwardly introduced myself to the boys and tried to force a little conversation but it didn't go far. Finally, one of the boys, who must have been 70-75 years old piped up..."let's get this mess on"! Translation: Show me to the stage so I can hurry up and go home.

(3) I once rode an elephant into the circus ring. You have to grab them by the ears and step on their knee and hoist yourself up. There's really nothing to hang on to. I didn't really enjoy that but pretended to just the same.

(4) I spent 24 hours on a raft in December - live on the radio raising money for the YMCA. The raft featured a porti-potti and a nice view of the river. I also spend 12 hours on a cold windy November day 80 feet up in cherry picker broadcasting live with just a bucket to pee in. I did lots of dumb things.

(5) Back in university a buddy challenged me to date a different girl every night for a whole month (I remember it was March 1982...31 dates in 31 days). This guy is now a pastor. I still take his advice.

(6) My 2nd and 3rd toes on both feet are partially webbed. I know, that sounds freaky. I won't bother to insert a photo today. Someday though if there's enough interest. I never grow tired of hearing how fast I must be able to swim and why didn't your parents fix that when you were a baby. People, really. They're just toes.

I'm not going to tag anyone. The party ends here - unless you want to share something about yourself as a comment. Feel free.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maritime Island Hopping

Cape Breton Island is a wild and magical place this time of year. Autumn’s blush is amazing…as far as the eye can see. We celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday with a quick trip to Celtic Colours. Chris & Jon were invited to play in the Great Hall of the Clans at the Gaelic College in St Anns located at the head of the world famous Cabot Trail. I’ve got a bucket load of great memories to process. Meantime, a few photos for you:

My niece Meredith married a very nice young man on Saturday in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Here are a few shots from around the city:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blue House

We live in an area that was settled 400 years ago. Our house is over 125 years old. It features a gorgeous dirt basement with raw cut granite stone foundation (that's true...and supposed to be funny), wonky wooden floors (some floor boards measure over 18" wide - which is pretty cool) and 9 foot ceilings - even on the 2nd floor). Just the same, our old house is lovely and functional for our needs. I think, if we ever decide to renovate, I would install a urinal making things easier for the 5 of us males in residence.

For months I have whined about painting the house. I am just about done with it now and am posting a few photos. I have to install the window boxes above the porch...and paint a couple of little things. So, really...I'm not done. Not officially.

This old house was white with blue trim when we bought it in 1996. We painted it "Daisy Chain" yellow in 1998. Hard to believe it's been 10 years and 2 babies since the last coat of paint. Now, it's a blue house with cream and green trim. It's all subtle and groovy.

I know. I hear you...what does this post have to do with running? It's my start and finish line...and where I launder my running shorts, re-charge my iPod and carbo-load.

Have a good weekend.

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