Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's Goin' On Eh?

First, I think I'm injured. I've got this tightness all up and down my left leg from the hip to my ankle. I haven't run for a week or so. I've been walking to work instead of running hoping to stretch things out. I'm fine. It doesn't bug me that much. I've had this same type of 'injury' (if that's what it is) before and it fades in time.

Wow, where do I begin? There is so much happening right now. Chris and Jonathan have been invited back to Cape Breton to play during Celtic Colours. They'll showcase twice in one 3pm and later at 11:30pm on the Festival Stage - sort of an after-hours thing that turns into a major jam. Three cool things about this festival: (1) It's the largest Celtic gathering in North America. (2) Cape Breton was been selected the #1 island destination in North America by Conde Naste. (3) I get to go.

The boys have been brewing up some new favourites with Slow Cooking Cover. They've booked a Christmas Show for December 15th at the historic Lunenburg Academy - 3rd Floor Theatre. This performance is part of the "Lunenburg Sessions". More details to come. Chris and Jon have played this as a duo in the past. The place will be rocking with the full band.

Chris starting building an acoustic guitar back in March and it's nearly complete - in the spray shop now. It's incredible. Completely personalized according to his (14 year old) exacting neck, wild headstock, decal/signature...the works. I"ll post pics when he's got it home.

We've had frost a couple of times. Nothing major. I've had a woodfire a couple nights just to keep the coolness at bay. No jackets yet. The Running Wife has worn a hat, gloves, etc while out running. Not this cat. That's right, I've not been running lately.

This CBC Radio 2 Great Canadian Song Quest has been heating up. Sam (pictured in my photo submission to them) and I were interviewed last night for a CBC podcast. It will be available for download next Monday. I'll post the link. It's funny, Sam and I were on two phones in different parts of the house. We kicked the rest of the family outdoors so it would be somewhat quiet during the interview. Oh man, too funny. Sam (age 9) was pretty shy and quiet on the phone. Who knows how this will turn out. Good times.

So, regarding this contest, I've started a blog about it over here. You can go there when you finish here okay? It's mainly a case for Carter's Beach to be selected as the Nova Scotia location...that should be immortalized in song. There are lots of cool photos that I've been slowly adding. Here's one that was emailed to me. This lady is a real pro...Linda Ross.
She has graciously allowed me to use her images to make the pitch. It all helps.

And you can help too if you like. Go here. Click the big red square to begin. Right dead centre, click on the little map of Nova Scotia...a new screen will appear - top right there is a grey text box. Type in Carter's Beach. That's it. You can do that once a day if you like. It would sure help put Carter's Beach on the map.

So, thanks for coming by. I'll keep you posted.


Lily on the Road said...

Sounds all good!!

thanks too for the instruction's, I think I was finally able to cast my vote! Good LUCK...

Scott Keeps Running said...

Can't wait to see the guitar!

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