Friday, September 18, 2009

Explanation II

Anne, you nailed it. Context is everything eh? So, allow me to add some perspective to the photo I loaded on 'Wordless Wednesday'. It's a photo of Slow Cooking Cover with band coach / music teacher. The kids had just won the South Shore Battle of the Bands competition...and Paul had come over to admire the trophy. Can you feel how proud they are? Paul has just been handed this huge trophy and the kids are all waiting for his response. "It's pretty shiny", he says.

This guy has elevated these kids more than he knows. L-R, Paul, Claire, Daniel, Matt, and my two...Chris and Jon.

Here's a little video clip from our local newspaper - a video montage created for the paper by a couple of other talented kids.

Here are a few more pics from the day, last Saturday.

Blessed in Nova Scotia.


Run for Chocolate said...

Wow how exciting!

Scott Keeps Running said...

well, it is "shiny"... ;)

congrats for band!

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