Thursday, September 10, 2009


I owe you this I way of explanation. The photo I added yesterday is funny on it's own. Jonathan is holding a potato cannon. Have you ever fired a potato cannon? No? Well, we've shot off everything from kiwis to tomatoes to, of course, potatoes.

It's made of different sizes of ABS pipe. You can get instructions all over the internet. Basically, it works like a real gun. You stuff a potato in the barrel end. You screw off the cap at the large end...and spray in a bunch of hairspray and quickly screw the cap back on so none of that explosive goodness escapes. Then, you set the thing in place...and push the BBQ lighter...and the rest is history. It makes a huge bang! And the inserted item flies a very long way. The boys love it.

So, by way of explanation...Jonathan had inhaled a little too much hairspray and was in the middle of launching an explosive sneeze...the look is priceless.

Wow. Wasn't that enlightening?


Backofpack said...

It is enlightening, but even more, it's hilarious!

Lily on the Road said... that is interesting!! LOL, what a great photo!

craig said...

My brother introduced me and my siblings to the potato cannon several years ago. Men love explosive toys.

So technically, yesterday wasn't wordless Wednesday at all, huh?

Legs and Wings said...

These sorts of things happen in this household all the time - it is a rare treat to capture it with the camera. It is hilarious.

Craig - you're right. It wasn't wordless at all - I had to explain...but I held off 'til Thursday.

Darrell said...

My oldest son and one of his best buddies had a lot of fun one summer with a potato cannon. I'm not sure the neighbors appreciated it though.

Anne said...

That was a priceless photo, particularly knowing it was a fleeting moment not likely to be replicated.

scott keeps running said...

Never fired one -- but am googling instructions on how to build one now... :)

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