Thursday, September 24, 2009

Great Canadian Song Quest - Need Your Help!

I love music, play a bit...but I'm no songwriter. Too fussy for me. I do love to take pictures and submitted a couple this week for the CBC Radio 2 Great Canadian Song Quest. It's a pretty cool contest.

So far, I've had great feedback on the two pictures I added. I would appreciate your comments and your recommendation. Follow this link to the 'GALLERY' page at CBC Radio 2. Just click on the photo...recommend and/or comment. Much appreciated! It's a national contest. One winner will be chosen from each Province and Territory in Canada. A Canadian songwriter will be selected and commissioned to write about the winning photo/location.

My two pictures are dated September 22nd. Both are sunset shots and have appeared here on this blog. One is of my son Sam on the beach with the green pail...the other shows the dingy on shore with the 3 sailboats anchored in the distance.

And, I've built a support blog here - to provide a bit of background on Carter's Beach with a few additional photos.

Thanks for your support and help with this project.


justrun said...

woo! Look at you! Now you're going to have to teach me photography in addition to tractor driving!

Anne said...

I couldn't leave a comment, but I did recommend both shots. And, I'll start finding other computers and do that same to help you in the contest. Go, Robb!!

RunnerMom said...

Great photos! You really are so blessed!

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