Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reluctant Comeback

After 6 months of non-running I am pleased to be a runner reborn. I am back at it. It was not as hard as I had feared it would be. Right now I have more hope than speed but I'm not worried about PR's at this point. I am delighted, albeit surprised, that it doesn't hurt like I feared it would.

Honestly, the thoughts of sore muscles and long breathless walk breaks (not that there's anything wrong or abnormal about that) had me scared to death. Thus the title of this post. The fear of failure or falling short paralyzed my mind. I really had a hard time getting underway.

I'm back. And it's good.

Fear is the poison that causes me to hesitate and delay. That's a pattern for me. Those of you that know me might think I've fallen down and bumped my head but it's true. I have no regrets but in thinking back over the years I wonder how much more effective I could have been if only I'd not procrastinated. I'm likely the best excuse maker-upper too. Ask V sometime. It's funny really. She is forever calling me out and I get it. It's laughable.

I glanced at my medal from the 2007 Blue Nose Marathon this morning. "I want another one of those", I sighed. So, I'm having some fun and making a not so reluctant comeback. No more whining either. Promise. Ha.


Mama S said...

Good for you, Robb. I know how you feel. I want another one too. ;)

I've taken a bit of a break myself, but your "comeback" may just have inspired me to get back out there myself. Only 202 more days until next year's Bluenose... ;)

Legs and Wings said...

May 17th this year. I hope to see you at the start...and finish.

Darrell said...

Coming back is scary business. Glad if felt good.

She Who Makes Waves said...

Your post is timely, for me! I was looking at my two Stampede Marathon medals...I want another one! I don't know if I have it in me to try! This year it is changed to the Calgary Marathon and is on May 31st. I even printed off the new route map.

Great for you for making your comeback and having already set your goal. I look forward to reading about your progress.

Anne said...

Based on your eloquence, I think you'd appreciate the book I just read and reviewed because it would put that fear to good use. Welcome back!

robtherunner said...

Glad to hear you're making a comeback, Robb. No fear buddy!

Brad Braden said...

We'll see you at the finish line in may Rob.


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