Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blue House

We live in an area that was settled 400 years ago. Our house is over 125 years old. It features a gorgeous dirt basement with raw cut granite stone foundation (that's true...and supposed to be funny), wonky wooden floors (some floor boards measure over 18" wide - which is pretty cool) and 9 foot ceilings - even on the 2nd floor). Just the same, our old house is lovely and functional for our needs. I think, if we ever decide to renovate, I would install a urinal making things easier for the 5 of us males in residence.

For months I have whined about painting the house. I am just about done with it now and am posting a few photos. I have to install the window boxes above the porch...and paint a couple of little things. So, really...I'm not done. Not officially.

This old house was white with blue trim when we bought it in 1996. We painted it "Daisy Chain" yellow in 1998. Hard to believe it's been 10 years and 2 babies since the last coat of paint. Now, it's a blue house with cream and green trim. It's all subtle and groovy.

I know. I hear you...what does this post have to do with running? It's my start and finish line...and where I launder my running shorts, re-charge my iPod and carbo-load.

Have a good weekend.


craig said...

You've done a beautiful job Robb. Looks like it required a lot of detail work. Glad the project is nearly behind you. Good to see the light at the end of the tunnel I suspect. Houses like yours have so much more charactor than what is built today.

justrun said...

Groovy, indeed. :)

Backofpack said...

It is beautiful! No wonder it took you so long - there is so much detail work with all the trim stuff. Nice job!

Darrell said...

I agree with Michelle, it is beautiful. The first picture of the stairway is really great.

The urinal idea is a good one. Believe my i gave it a thought or two myself in the recent bath remodel.

Anne said...

Between all the fun in the pictures in the last post, and the serenity and love reflected in this one's photos, I want to pack up and move there, right now.

Run for Chocolate said...

Lovely and I am so glad to know where you have moved! I missed you!

stepping over the junk said...

I feel a road trip coming on. Interestingly, one of my favorite houses up the street from me was yellow and they just painted it very similarly to this. Totally sweet. I love it. You rock, man!

She Who Makes Waves said...

I love old homes in Nova Scotia! I grew up in one! Your's looks so nice with the love and care and attention you are giving it!

"Home Sweet Home"

David said...

Looks Great.

Sarah Elaine said...

Love the house. Love the colour. You need to take care of the place where you wash your running shorts.

No side trip to NS for me this time around, but if you and the family feel like a jaunt to the island, we could grab some pasta.

BTW, I've tagged ya.

jeff said...

it's beautiful, robb. very well done!

and i like your urinal idea. now that the men outnumber the women in our household, i think i might be able to pull it off. ;)

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