Tuesday, August 5, 2008


It was good to get away. Victoria is the youngest of 9 kids and her mom is 86 I think. We travelled to the Moncton area for a quick overnight visit with her family. They are great people, really. With a last name like McPhee, you know there are some characters. Not just one. Some.

Victoria is the first to tell you that the family grew up with few material things. Times were tough and challenging but they pulled through. They love each other.

One of the cool things they did for Florence was a little song called "Coat of Many Colours". It's a Dolly Parton tune as I'm sure you know. At any rate, Florence made dozens of quilts over the years out of scraps of material and the song pretty much fits with their lifestyle in growing up rural south-central New Brunswick, Canada.

In this clip: Susan on the left, Eliz on keys, Vic on mandolin. I love Florence's reaction...especially when she says "Oh my soul"!

Theme was 'Wearing of the Plaids" so that's why everybody is wearing something plaid...otherwise you'd probably think they were koooky (well, you might anyway...and that's fine too). The oldest brother is Ken and he is wearing the kilt. The fabric is 'Nova Scotia tartan'.



ShoreTurtle said...

That's really nice. Thanks for sharing.

She and I said...

What a wonderful legacy! And what an amazing way to honor her with everyone donning quilts that she (I assume) made! This warms my heart beyond measure!


jeff said...

i got a little choked up there!

Anne said...

I'm with Jeff. I started to tear up when I watched that. Very nice, both the "gift" and sharing the moment with all of us.

Trina said...

Oh dear... Now I'm all weepy.
That was LOVELY!

stepping over the junk said...

I LOVE this. This was the sweetest thing ever. I love that Dolly song too. Vic on mandolin is great, fun to see her. And the quilts!!! Okay, I could go on and on....you're gonna adopt me, right?

craig said...

I didn't know that Victoria played the mandolin. She's a multifacited woman. What a creative way to honor her mom.

When do we get to see you in a kilt?

Legs and Wings said...

Craig - Me...in a kilt? Never. I'd have to have the right socks and shoes and you know I am way too cheap to spend the money. Victoria plays most any old instrument and she's a fab singer.

Stepping - I'll adopt you anytime you're ready. I hope you like chick peas and hot dogs.

The rest of you...please, hold it together. Honestly, this family is really quite something and I am blessed to be apart of it. There's lots of love to go around.

Downhillnut said...

*Sniff* Aw, I got fuzzies all over.

I have a few quilts folks have made us over the years - there's nothing like curling up under some love that someone made for you.

Love the plaid theme!

Sarah Elaine said...

Who the heck needs material comforts when you've got memories like that? That stuff is priceless.

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