Tuesday, July 29, 2008


One of the guys from work told me the new paint color on my house looked like primer. Not familiar with ‘primer’? It’s the flat base coat that is typically applied to metal before the top coat is added. Here in Atlantic Canada there are many vehicles painted with primer. It’s due to the salty winter roads and the ill effect on exposed metal.

While on the topic of vehicles I must confess my great surprise upon moving to Nova Scotia 12 years ago. There are half ton trucks galore sporting hand-crafted wooden boxes or decks. Rusted out truck boxes give way to pressure-treated lumber. Wears like iron...without the rust.

Meantime, back on the extension ladder, I’m doing okay. I’ve been hard at the house for a couple of months now – mainly evenings , early mornings before work and weekends. I’m happy with the progress but am tiring of the process. It’s painful.

Our house is at least 125 years old. There’s a bit of clapboard on the front but it’s mainly old cedar shingles. There’s been a lot of scraping, priming, painting and re-painting. I’ve had to do some repair work too…tear old some old rotten wood and add new. I’m handier than I guessed possible.

It’s a workout you know. Up and down the ladder, moving the darn thing, balancing on it, reaching, poking and the like. A lot of me aches when I finish at night. And, I’ve never taken so many showers to clean off.

Victoria is a great help. She really is. This is clearly not my project. She’s got her share of paint stains – all over – including her hair. She’s a bit young for blue hair but it strangely suits her.

The last time I painted the house it took me 3 years to get all round the house. We had babies all over the place and I didn’t seem to have the time I do now. I’m certainly no more efficient.

One of the cool things about painting is that there is time to think on the ladder. I consider all sorts of stuff. One thing I realized tonight is that the main house color looks like primer without the trim color to set it off. “Blue Boy” without “Mango Mask” looks just like old grey primer. Would you believe the third color is called “Self Help”? I didn’t pick the colors based on name alone. Just so you know.

Pictures will be posted at the end of the project. Sometime this summer.


Backofpack said...

I told Eric next time we need to paint, we'll just move instead. Not my favorite project! It's very cool that you have a 125 year old house - I grew up in an old house (built in 1930s) and loved the character. Good luck on the project and pay close attention when you are on the ladder!

Darrell said...

Home projects like that can seem all consuming. A work in progress is just that, things often don't look quite right on the way there.

steppingoverthejunk said...

I cant stop laughing at the "Self help" color name. That's something I would choose, just for the name!

scott keeps running said...

have fun with the paint. the ladder workout is no joke. i remember roofing our house one summer and carry the 90lb stacks of shingles up. that was the last time i'll ever do that.

JustRun said...

Self Help?
Now that's hilarious.

And way to go to you guys for painting it yourselves! I'm the type to eat soup for 5 months and pay someone else to do it.

Rae said...

Can't wait to see some pics!! Painting the house sounds like a very daunting task!!! I can easily see it taking us years!

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