Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival

Here's a link to hear the young fiddlers at the Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival. This was posted on our local newspaper's website. You catch a quick glimpse of Chris on mandolin right off the start. He's wearing the fedora.

Jonathan is playing with the fiddlers. Their teachers are leading - Paul on keys and Eilidh on fiddle. This is a cool little summary of the festival. Lots of fog. Here's the vid link: Wooden Boat Festival

Chris and Jon played their own set later in the went very well with lots of fun.

Tonight through Sunday, the kids are warming the crowd as they enter the Main Tent at the Annual Folk Harbour Festival in Lunenburg! It's a last minute gig. Best part is they get passes to all the events and shows...even Victoria gets to go! They are excited.

Meantime, I'm home painting and stacking wood. Some fun eh?


craig said...

Looks like a lot of fun. The kid who gets giddy over the crab is too much.

Folk Harbour Festival vs. painting the house and stacking wood. Something about that doesn't quite seem fair.

I'll be home alone as well since my family is headed to our home state for a wedding while I stay here and dog set.

If you'll come and dog set I'll stack the wood for you.

Backofpack said...

The video in the previous post brought tears to my eyes - that was beautiful. You have been busy! I got to meet Sarah up in Alberta - so fun! She proved out that "tough" thing with her night run. Yikes!

robtherunner said...

Robb, I am not sure that painting and stacking sounds like the way to spend the summer. Hopefully it is a short lived thing. Great gig for the boys.

Sarah Elaine said...

All this talk of Mahone bay and fiddles has me missing the maritimes. Have a rum & coke for me, eh? You'll need it after stackin' all that wood.

Darrell said...

Gosh, I haven't stacked wood since I was a kid. It's good honest work but I can't say I miss it, kind of like shoveling snow.

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