Thursday, June 12, 2008

Speed & Endurance

The days go ripping by. I did get one run in this week. I've put my efforts on the back burner and have been letting my kids lead. They are the busy ones.

It will be good to be through with the school year. Chris and Jon have been playing at least 2 gigs a week. It's awesome to see them come alive. Here's something from last night for you. It was the final school variety show and the boys closed out the night with a wicked medley. The second set (encore) is a set they refer to as the 'old jigs'.

It's a dark video, the sound is not as clear as it could be but it serves to provide a peek at something pretty cool.

After the show I confessed to Jonathan that I feared the wheels were going to come flying off...that they worked through that so fast that I thought they might blow up! He said, "dad, I had another gear left". You can keep up with the kids at Have a great weekend.


She and I said...

Good Stuff! :) Love a good jiggy folk jam!

Backofpack said...

Wow! I'm telling you, they are incredible! That was great. Thanks for posting it for us.

craig said...

I often wish that I still had another gear left. Reminds me so much of when my twin brother and I played stuff like that with our friends. The guys enjoyed the moment too didn't they?

My dad took up banjo for a while and was especially fond of playing fiddle tunes on it.

scott keeps running said...

great show as always.

and thanks for the sasquatch link. it definitely looks like my kind of film. ;)

stepping over the junk said...

I love you guys are raising musical and talented children. SO cool

Trina said...

In a word... AWESOME!
Way to go guys!

Darrell said...

Very special, what fun!

Darrell said...

Very special, what fun!

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