Friday, May 23, 2008


Victoria turned 40 this week. We had a fairly small and quiet celebration which is just the way she wanted it. Ironically, when V’s friends turned 40 she was right in the thick of planning massive and fun surprise parties. She didn’t want the same treatment at all. She’s not much of a blog reader so I doubt she’ll see this – but I wonder if she wasn’t half-disappointed that people didn’t create a big fuss about it. I probably would have been.

She says it’s a non-issue so I believe her. That’s one of her amazing qualities – she will do everything possible for someone else and cares little if she ever receives acknowledgement or favour returned.

I bought her a fine butterfly necklace. She is truly a beautiful creature – delicate, light and fragile like a butterfly but with the vision, fortitude and stamina of an eagle. Go figure.

photo: tatyveli

Happy Birthday Victoria.


craig said...

My 40s were possibly the best decade of my life. Hope Victoria finds it that way as well. Give her my best wishes.

Stepping over the Junk said...

I love how you speak of the woman you love!

Backofpack said...

She is a luck woman - Happy Birthday Victoria!

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