Monday, May 5, 2008

Don'ts & Buts

I don’t…

write enough.

keep up with my friends the way I should.

know what to get my wife for her 40th birthday.

run enough.

read to the boys near as often as I should.

play with the kids when they ask.

stand tall when I should.

But I am…

aware of my shortcomings.

willing to change.

prepared to do more, more often.

hopeful and happy just the same.


Backofpack said... are a good father, I suspect one of the best. Life gets in the way some times. I say enjoy it and don't worry about the "don'ts".

Donald said...

Those things you are ... are things all us us should be.

Anne said...

I agree with both Michelle and Donald. And do let us know what you and boys decide to get the woman in your lives for her birthday.

scott keeps running said...

you've inspired me to make my own list.

Just The Three of Us Ladies said...

So, please do share what you came up with for her 40th!

Darrell said...

Your list sounds alot like most of us, suspect. Except for those few near perfect people we all know and we don't like them very much anyway. 8-)

Happy belated to the Running Wife.

Darrell said...

that should have said "I suspect."

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