Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Infection

The Christmas "infection" has not set in. I've been to a dozen Christmas concerts, dinners and parties. I've sampled shortbreads, fudge and all manner of sugar cookies.  Despite playing through those Christmas ditties with the boys...I confess to being a fraud.  I am not officially in the mood for Christmas.  

I don't mean to sound all scroog-ie.  I do enjoy celebrating the birth of Christ, the music and fun of it all.  Honest.

I'll be on vacation later today. Three delightful weeks at home with the RunningWife may coax me out of the Christmas coma.  Actually, we'll be traveling home to New Brunswick to be with Victoria's mom, who I believe is 86 now.  She's still at home on the farm.  A few bits of her family will be gathering and I am looking forward to visiting with them.  The kids are excited too!  Even Ella will go with us. Here's a pic of V with Florence. She stayed with us last Christmas. 

I've been playing with my new work camera; Canon Rebel XSI/450D.  It's on steroids at 12.2 mega pixels.  For my application, I'll be using the standard kit lens 18-55 mm zoom 1:3.5 - 5.6 Image Stabilizing lens most of the time.  I've also got a 75-300 mm 1:4-5.6 zoom which is what I used for these non-flash pics. First, here is our family friend Zech (L) and Jonny (R). They were swirling flags around during a Christmas Concert at the church.

Here's another pic. That's Jonathan at the top of the shot.

Crazy cool camera.  I'm looking forward to getting outside with it.

Running is okay.  I'll be glad to focus a bit more in January when the buzz of Christmas has wrapped up.  Yeah, I'm supposed to be in week 3 but I've taken a few shortcuts and snoozes and missed a bunch of runs.  The weather has been wacky too.  I'm all about grace.  

See you next time!


Anne said...

Love the results from the new camera. I'm up too, which is why I am first to post a comment. And I don't even have a fire to stoke. Just a stomach ache to relieve.

Enjoy the upcoming break. It may be the best way to get swept up in the holiday epidemic.

Alexandra said...

I bet once you start your vacation you will catch that bug and the infection will spread like wildfire!

What a camera! Look forward to seeing what kind of outside shots it produces.

Have a wonderful vacation and a nice time in New Brunswick! All my relatives on my Dad's side live in New Brunswick!

Run Mommy said...

Love your camera (I love pictures myself). When you are done work, you will definately get into the spirit. It is hard not too! Especially with the little ones making it so much fun. Enjoy your vacation!

Melanie said...

Enjoy the camera, i got a new one last year, and love it. Enjoy your holidays, and safe travels :)

Marlene said...

It's a difficult time of year to be following the program. Everything will fall into place in the new year.

In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday with your family!

Backofpack said...

Three weeks off sounds glorious. Here's my break, working at home and two five-day weekends in a row. That sounds nice too. There is just something about working in the peace and quiet of home that relaxes me.

I had trouble getting in the Christmas mood too - I think because there are no boys home. Once we got going though, it ended up being fun. I hope it works out that way for you too. For now, I'll give you the old cliche - enjoy your children now, for the time goes by so fast. I know you know, but look around just once this Christmas, and think of the day when the house will be silent, when it's just you and the RunningWife, and then, sink yourself into the moment.

Enjoy the new camera, your time with family and with the RunningWife.

robtherunner said...

I'm not sure if I am in the mood for Christmas, but I am certainly ready for the school break. Enjoy the break!

Sonia said...

Where exactly are you from in NB?? My Dad is from Petit Rocher it is a small village north of Bathurst.

Enjoy your vacation!

X-Country2 said...

New cameras are the best! Travel safe and good luck with the Christmas spirit. I'll find you.

craig said...

You are an artist with the camera. The girls came home from college today. I'm officially in the Christmas spirit.

Trina said...

All about grace. I love it!
Enjoy the rest.

Juls said...

When you finally catch that the Christmas bug, please sneeze over my way so I can be "infected" too. Illness is more fun when it is shared amoungst friends.

movin' down the road said...

Me too...sort of more into it only because school was out today and we are snowed in for the most part. The lights and being able to relax after a hectic month, brings on a little bit more Christmas cheer for me. Enjoy your vacation!

RunnerMom said...

I'm all about grace, too.

I hope you get into the spirit soon and get out of your Christmas funk!

I hope to have a "real" camera like that someday.

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