Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Richest Blessing Of All

Tonight I will visit my friend David. I can’t wait for him to unpack the details of the trip to NYC. Despite the fact that I could not go along I really feel a warm part of the group of guys I call ‘my brothers’. There have been several exciting group emails that have circulated today. My friends are on fire.

These are normal guys and these are extraordinary guys who chose to sacrifice their own personal time, comfort level and safety to help the hopeless and homeless – regular patrons at the Bowery Mission. Sounds risky eh? And, that’s precisely what is missing today for so many of us – guys especially. We dismiss the element of risk and live a life of ‘risk management’ and self-preservation.

Ultimately, for me, every time I step forward to help I end up receiving the richest blessing of all. Next year...I'm going!


Anne said...

Thanks for the reminder that we could all stand to do more for others and not just for ourselves.

Backofpack said...

So here's my challenge for you Robb: find a risk that will give back to you - right in your own home town. I'll bet you don't have to go on a trip to find it. Good luck!

Darrell said...

Yep, definitely play it safe to much of the time. I need to change that.

craig said...

I hope you have a great evening with the guys and that you draw inspiration from their experiences.

Just The Three of Us Ladies said...

Hope all is well...you can look forward to next year!

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