Thursday, April 10, 2008

Less "i"

Back in late 70’s there were just 3 guys in Miss Laventure’s high school typing class. I cut my teeth on an old Underwood Touch-Master 5. I don’t think any amount of time will erase the clack-clacking of keys, the ding of the bell and the throwing of the carriage. I could punch out 60 words-per-minute. Back in the day, in order to fix typos, one had to use a type-eraser or white-out. There was no backspace key and no spell check. Times were tough.

I can no longer see the letters “e”, “a” and “s” on my computer keyboard at work. Not only is the text or “letters” missing, the plastic keys appear to be washed smooth like pebbles refined by a constant wash of ocean waves. It’s weird. I must drag my left hand across those keys in peculiar fashion. Over-pronating?
I am going to start pawing a little harder on the “i” key. Scratching out more “i” and focusing more on “u”. I am very grateful these days for my wife and family and my growing circle of friends.


craig said...

Less "I" and more "u." What a great thought for the day. I have a feeling that is going to work its way into the teaching I do at some point. If if does I'll give you credit. Thanks for the thought.

One of the things I work at diligently when revising my writing (but have not yet mastered) is going through and seeking to remove as many of the "I"s as possible. It's part of "raising the bar" as Donald says.

jeff said...

love the gunk build up on the F and R keys!

Robb said...

Thanks Crag (yeah, I did that on purpose.

Jeff - you bum. I'll have you know, I always wash before and after using any keyboard. I can't explain the gunk.

Trina said...

I love it Robb! Good one!

Backofpack said...

I learned on those old typewriters too. I wish computers had the ding!

Good message Robb.

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