Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Seahorse

Halifax is one of the most vibrant cities in North America. It’s a salty old place founded in 1749 by the British. The rich history of the place nips at your heels in old Halifax. It’s just a plain cool place to be.

“Why’s it so dark in here?” quizzed Jonny. “People over 19”, I replied, “like listening to music in the dark”. The kids were relaxed as usual and cranked out a quick 10 minute medley. Jon pulled off the under-the-leg fiddle trick again and drew a roar of approval. Sadly, we couldn’t stay long due to provincial regs regarding under-age performers in Nova Scotia. Obviously, the rules are there for good reason. There will be other times down the line. Music Nova Scotia people were excellent. I am glad we are part.
A highlight for me was connecting with fellow bloggers and Blue Nose Marathoners MamaScarlet and Riceman. Guys, I know you understand that we had to bail but I wish we could have sat and hung a little longer. Mama is a busy homeschooling mom who was there with a girlfriend sharing a huge plate of nachos…I stole one off the plate and can now claim to have had dinner with MamaScarlet. Thanks for showing up and for your support. Great to finally meet you!

Rice, same thing buddy. I know I’ll see you again soon.


Mama Scarlet said...

Robb, It was great meeting you last night and seeing the boys play - they were AWESOME! Maybe next time we can all bail to a family-friendly spot and REALLY share a plate of nachos! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Robb it's great that you got a fresh start with the new blog. I like it man it's a good one. Simple but filled with a couple of good stories already. The boys are really coming into their own with their music. It's been quite the ride watching them go from "how do I play this" to "watch me play THIS!!!!"


Rice said...

yeah I'm really sorry that I missed the gig by showing up just a bit to late. Good to see the boys getting out there and I know they will go far.



Just The Three of Us Ladies said...

I wish I lived closer! This is the coolest thing ever. Your kids are the greatest...talented, grounded, lovely. xoxo

Anne said...

Many of my New England friends rave about Halifax, and now I'm starting to see why. It's good to be back in touch and in tune with all that's happening with the bunch in Nova Scotia.

Love the new name!

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