Monday, March 17, 2008

Back At It

The north wind was cranky and bitter at 4am. It was not the coldest of mornings, somewhere around -7 C or about 20 F without the wind chill factored in. My hands never did warm up. It was one of those runs where the best part was finishing up. Only one barking dog and a bunch of log trucks headed to the Oakhill sawmill.

I’m stiff because it’s been a couple of months since I cranked out a decent 10K run. This has been a rough winter and I just could not string together much inspiration. Boy, looking back over the past few years, this has been the worst winter for running yet. I don’t understand how Victoria managed to run 6 days a week. How did she do that?

I am here to say that I’m ready to start again and so I will. Life is one beginning after another so I will recommit and go at it…again. Curses! I was in decent shape last year at this time!

I heard a great quote today: “Hope is to the soul as breath is to the body…too many of us have been holding our breath far too long!” John Eldredge


Anne said...

That quote is a wonderful postscript for the inspiration in your message. It's been a rough running winter for me too, and we don't even have snow!

Donald said...

If 20F qualifies as "not the coldest of mornings", I'd be shocked if I managed six runs for the whole winter. Brrr.

Mama Scarlet said...

Ah, Robb, good for you for getting back at it! I'm also guilty of having a rough time getting out there this're a great inspiration! :)

Just The Three of Us Ladies said...

one thing: ya'll are NUTS

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