Tuesday, October 6, 2009

CBC Radio 2 Song Quest Update

I've been flirting with Word Press trying to build a case for Carter's Beach, Nova Scotia. Ah, it's a long story. I got wrapped up in the Great Canadian Song Quest with CBC Radio 2. You can read the whole story if you go back a couple posts.

Anyhow, my photo of Sam on the Carter's Beach (he's carrying the green pail) has drawn a lot of interest from across Canada...North America, even. Last week, Lily in Toronto phoned to interview Sam and I about our favourite beach and the CBC Podcast is available here. We're in Episode II...you may want to listen to Episode I to add a bit of perspective.

Anyhow - I'm having lots of fun. It's been very cool for Sam (age 9) to be involved too, seems how he's in the picture and all.

Chris' guitar is complete. It's home, sleeping in the case right now. I've got a few photos to show you with my next entry...maybe even a video clip. Hold tight.

Take care.


justrun said...

All kinds of fun!

Anne said...

How wonderful that your photo and your sons' band are getting all this well-deserved attention these days. I hope it continues.

Scott Keeps Running said...

your photos have always made me want to take a photography class. they're art. glad they're getting some notice. :)

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