Friday, August 14, 2009

Reunions, Weddings and Festivals

I’m still running to and from work everyday, rain and shine. I have to tell you that I prefer the rainy days because the temp is right. I hate running in the heat. Blah. So, 30 more miles this week and it’s getting easier and more enjoyable. I’m a good runner if I’m distracted. I go nuts if there’s nothing to think about. I guess that’s why the iPod came in handy back in the old days. Maybe I’ll dig out the 1st Edition Shuffle and take it for a spin again. My boys jeer me as ‘old school’ – my 11 year old, Jonathan, just bought an iPhone with his gig money. I am old school.

Oh yes, there have been gigs. Many, many summer gigs for Chris and Jon…and the larger band, Slow Cooking Cover. The kids are hot and there’s lots of buzz around. Here are a few pics from the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival. They played, under perfect conditions, last Sunday afternoon at the Lunenburg Bandstand. It was great, really great stuff. Here are some random pics from the day:

The drummer’s dad has posted some great little videos on Facebook. Sign up as my "Facebook Friend" and you can link through to see if you like. Next gig is September 12th at the Mug and Anchor Pub in Mahone Bay.

As a duo, Chris and Jon have been doing very well…playing out 3 or 4 times a week. They got home one night at 4:30am…with their mother of course. They’d been out at an after-hours party (post Folk Harbour Festival) playing their little butts off. The real music shows up at the after-hour parties dudes. I’m just saying. Some of the pics above show C & J playing for MacKinnon Dance - a group of talented Highland Dancers.

Yeah, and Victoria and I attended a cool wedding at Hubbard’s Barn. There’s a weekly Farmer’s Market held here and the odd special event. The grounds are beautiful. At any rate, it was a Scottish wedding ad Eilidh (the bride and pronounced A-lee) is as Scottish as they come. She’s Jon’s fiddle teacher and a real doll. The groom is Chris’ teacher – Paul Buchanan. He’s also their band coach and truly one of the nicest guys around. Together, they make beautiful music with Flat Fifth and as a duo. We’ve all become good friends. Eilidh’s brother is Ruaridh Campbell…(pronounced rury or rory) (his website) He’s over the top incredible. When he and his sister…and the rest of the Scots jumped in it was free-wheeling, crazed joy for me. So, here are a few wedding pics and random pics of men in kilts and musicians going for it. What amazing fun - even the Scottish country dancing was nuts. Loved it all.

Lastly, an update on V’s family reunion. Big fun as always. Here are a few pics. Yes, there was more music. It’s non-stop guys.
Take care.


Backofpack said...

I listened to the kids on fb last week - they are incredible! Your photos are pretty wonderful too - I'd say you have the eye for it. As Eric would say: you are living the dream!

Lily on the Road said...

Wow, looks and sounds like I missed a lot of fun! I'll look you up for sure the next time I'm back in N.S.

Darrell said...

Looks like you folks up there know how to live.

justrun said...

Beautiful, Rob! I agree with Michelle, livin' the dream! And way to get those miles in, too.
Love the photo of you two!

Juls said...

I just LOVE your pictures. It looks like a fabulous time.

Momma Sunshine said...

Such wonderful photos, as always.

RunnerMom said...

Amazing pictures as usual! What different world we live in!

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