Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy Busy

I haven’t abandoned this blog. I am just too busy to keep up on a regular basis. And, so, I will add bits and pieces when I can.
When I’m not writing at work, I’m writing bits for my radio show which I am fortunate to be able to do from home. Tech these days makes it simple. And, due to some circumstances that are not entirely clear…I’ve graduated to the morning show (7-9am) for the time being. It’s more of a natural fit for me and I’m happy to do it.

My wife Victoria celebrates a birthday today. She’s a beautiful 41. After her morning run she headed out for some groceries. While she was out I woke the kids up (6:45am) and got them started on the decorations and breakfast. It was fun. She cherishes their handmade cards and hugs more than anything from any store.

So, everybody is good at my house. Chris and Jon have a couple of gigs this week. Tomorrow night, they play with a larger 6 piece band called “Slow Cookin Cover”. They play 70’s rock tunes like Hotel California, Suzy Q, Don’t Look Back, you know… Chris plays lead guitar. Jonny hammers the 5-string electric bass. Very cool…with a girl singer named Claire! Their music teacher is the band coach and hand-picked the kids for this group. They are 11 – 13…and tight for a bunch of kids. Got their own sound gear…and good instruments. Chris has been playing a vintage Fender Strat – US model. Sweet. They’ll play a full set at The Mahone Bay Classic Boat Festival in July. I’ll take some band pics and post them late this week. Chris and Jon will play as a duo at a Highland Dance Recital this week too. There are lots of opportunities for them. Last weekend, they played at a little community hall in the Annapolis Valley and received a huge standing ovation. I shed a tear. It was amazing.

I had to add the pie pic. So maritime. This event was a fund-raiser for the little baptist church in Burlington, NS - raising money for a piece of sound equipment. There are only 15 members in the church...pretty amazing that they pulled off this larger community event. People came from all over!

So, I’ll keep you in the loop when I can. Thanks for stopping by.


Backofpack said...

Record and post a song from the kids band - I'd love to hear it!

No worries on keeping up - I'll stop by whenever you post. Crazy busy is the way it'll be till all those boys are out of the house. I say, grab a seat and hang on for the ride! It'll be quiet before you know it, and then...then you'll miss it. I do.

craig said...

The morning show for the time being? I so enjoyed listening to you each afternoon. Now I'll have to get up between 5 and 7 am to catch your show since you've been promoted.

I always enjoy hearing about the boy's exploits. We had a highly successful dessert auction this past Sunday evening to help our kids get to summer camp.

The house will get more quiet than you can realize. Enjoy these days.

Thomas said...

Like Michelle I'd absolutely love to hear a song from your kids. From your report it sounds like they are progressing incredibly fast as musicians. Very cool!

Juls said...

Blog when you can. We take what we can get and enjoy it.

Darrell said...

Crazy busy is good. I can actually keep up with this blog, pretty much. It also reminds me of how much good there is out there. It is sometimes far to easy to forget.

mizuno shoes said...

Being busy is a blessing! enjoy it! :)

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