Saturday, April 18, 2009


Until I completely stop I deem my actions to be progress of some sort. I've got to. No complaints. Real quick - sorry for disappearing into thin air. I've taken on more projects and my time is all but used up. I'm probably too busy for my own good and my family may, in fact, be suffering due to my various commitments. That's a whole other can of worms.

Everyone is still good and healthy at my house. I've slowed my running to a crawl (still have a bit of forward momentum). V runs every day still - the kids are active on their bikes and the music continues on all fronts. The summer is filling up with gigs. Chris and Jon have been doing some different projects with some other players. They've been playing with Contra Bands for dances and have formed a new band with a bunch of other young prodigies playing 70's rock covers. A cool change for them.

I've gone and got involved in radio again- writing, voicing and producing a 1 hour syndicated show that airs on 3 stations. More details on that to come. Hmmm. Fun and time consuming.

I'll try and show up here on a more regular basis. Meantime, here are a few recent photos. It's good to live by the ocean.


Lily on the Road said...

Busy is good, but not too busy!

Wow, radio..local? Stuart McLaine style? Do tell....

justrun said...

Good to hear from you! And really, its nice to hear good things are keeping you away. Good luck with all of it and I hope you make time to reconnect!

Also, the kids are getting SOOOO big. WOW.

Backofpack said...

Oh my gosh, that photo of the four boys is absolutely priceless. You are a lucky man Robb.

The radio thing sounds great!

Thomas said...

Loved the beach photos. Gorgeous!

Run for Chocolate said...

I would give anything to live near the beach! Glad you're back, I missed you.

Darrell said...

It is cool to see the happy faces of those boys. The way things should be.

The radio gig sounds like fun.

And..I'll keep be skinnyish behind, thank you! LOL!

Marlene said...

Good te hear from you. Great pics!

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