Thursday, September 11, 2008

Steam Roller

It made me feel all-powerful but…driving a steam roller is more challenging than you’d guess. The steering is a bit tricky and those two big wheels don’t move as easily as you’d expect them to. Fun? You bet! Who hasn’t wanted to drive a steam roller?

My company has just moved into new digs. It’s an awesome new location right on the highway. The paving crew left their steam roller in the way so I volunteered to move it around. I guessed at how to get the thing running…turn the key, pull a lever and presto. Only one tiny mishap – I ran into a parking curb – just nicked it. No real damage done. I got a wet butt because the seat had soaked up a bunch of rain...I only wish I had video proof for you. For now, these photos will have to do.

PS…I ran a few K the other day. First time in months. No pain…no ill effects. I’m loading my iPod and hope to get out again tomorrow.

Take care.


justrun said...

Sure makes a tractor seem like a child's game now.


Backofpack said...

That had to be fun! No Wile E Coyote or Bugs Bunny in your way?

robtherunner said...

We'll take your word for it that you're telling us the truth. I'm glad you didn't flatten the curb too much.

Joe said...

> Who hasn’t wanted to
> drive a steam roller?

I've never actually thought about it but now that you mention it, it would be pretty cool! Now I have steam roller envy.

Darrell said...

Just like being a kid again.

No pain…no ill effects. Cool! I want that again.

craig said...

Looks like she's got a few miles on her. Glad you are running again. Hope you are enjoying your new digs.

Downhillnut said...

Like Joe, I don't think I've ever thought of driving a steamroller - mostly I'm concerned with just staying out of their way.

Happy running :)

Trina said...

To any man, I guess that means you're living the dream.

I mean... heavy equipment? Come on! What man doesn't want to do THAT at some point in his life?

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